Speech Kids

Speech pathologists

0409 044 966

Melinda Brilliant (L) and Cassandra Kelly (R) are qualified Speech Pathologists with  a combined 30 years clinical experience.  Together they are Speech Kids, a private speech pathology service for children of all ages.

Speech Kids provides a range of services including assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, parent and teacher training and consultative services.

Speech Kids  can assist children who…

· have difficulty pronouncing sounds and words.

· are stuttering.

· have difficulty making sentences, telling stories or explaining  themselves.

· have trouble understanding what is said to them.

· have trouble understanding instructions .

· have difficulty reading or spelling.

· have specific diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, or learning disorder.

Melinda and Cassandra are members of Speech Pathology Australia and are registered for Private Health Fund rebates as well as Medicare (clients that qualify are able to access 5 discounted therapy sessions from Medicare – please call for further information or speak to your GP about a Care Plan).

No referral is necessary. To make an appointment or discuss your requirements simply call 0409 044 966.